Federal Employees Retirement Guide 2019

Do you have questions about your federal retirement? The 2019 Federal Employees Retirement Guide is updated with the latest contacts, changes and references, and addresses your questions and concerns – whether you are still planning your retirement or retiring this year. It also provides vital information for planning early in your federal career to make the most advantageous decisions for a comfortable retirement, including a checklist in the appendix: The 10 Smartest Things You Can Do As You Approach Retirement.

Other topics include:

· The retirement process for the major federal retirement systems

· Preparations that employees need to make early in their careers, mid-career and the year immediately preceding retirement

· Deposits, re-deposits and the effect of military service years and pensions on civilian retirement

· Insurance issues and Medicare

· Survivor benefits

· Accessing retirement savings, annuities and Social Security

· Easy checklists, resource lists and estimation tools to prepare yourself for the choices you face

· The Thrift Savings Plan After Retirement

The 2019 Federal Employees Retirement Guide provides objective guidance to the broad range of choices federal employees must make – choices that will impact their financial health for the rest of their lives. Make the right choice for you – download your copy today!