Your FERS Retirement 2019


Your FERS Retirement: How to Prepare For It, How to Enjoy It, is a publication written specific for the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Since our first edition in 1992, this guide has been the go-to resource for thousands of federal employees wanting to maximize their FERS retirement by taking appropriate actions ahead of time.

Download our latest edition for step-by-step instructions and expert advice on:

  • Calculating your basic annuity and adjusting for life changes
  • Determining your amount of creditable service
  • Special Retirement Supplement (SRS) annuity
  • Annuity commencement dates, lump-sum payments and COLAs
  • Maximizing your Thrift Savings Plan investments
  • Health insurance (FEHBP) benefits during retirement
  • Life insurance (FEGLI) coverage and options
  • Long-term care (LTC) insurance
  • Dental and vision (FEDVIP) insurance


  • Easy 8-step action plan for the year before retirement
  • More than 20 up-to-date reference tables and charts
  • Numerous simple worksheets to help you do the math and avoid costly mistakes
  • Samples and explanations of important forms

Get the FERS retirement you deserve.

Download Your FERS Retirement today to get started!