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Your Thrift Savings Plan

The 2016 Your Thrift Savings Plan includes 192 pages of TSP retirement information, including an extensive overview of how the TSP has changed. Our authoritative and easy-to-read guide assists all levels of employee, from new or rehired to mid-career to those close to retirement. Download our latest edition for the most current updates and answers, including:

  • New and rehired employee and rehired annuitant matching and participation rules
  • Updated IRS contribution limitation tables
  • Understanding TSP Lifecycle (L) funds and developing an investment strategy
  • Rules and opportunities on TSP transfers to Roth IRAs
  • The TSP loan program, in-service and post-service withdrawals
  • Uniformed Services participation in the TSP
  • Life event impacts on TSP
  • Proposed legislative changes to the TSP

Plan the investment strategies and allocations to maximize your retirement monies — download Your Thrift Savings Plan today!