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How To Manage Your Federal Job Furlough

An administrative furlough is a planned event, initiated by a federal agency, designed to absorb budget reductions resulting from sequestration. The bottom line is your job and paycheck can be impacted by these actions!

How to Manage Your Federal Job Furlough lets you know what to expect during a furlough, including:

  • How furlough days are designated
  • What happens to an employee’s paycheck during a furlough
  • How furlough time affects annual and sick leave accrual
  • How furlough time affects CSRS and FERS retirement eligibility and annuity computation
  • Whether employees can be furloughed on federal holidays
  • What happens to employee dental, health, life, long term care, and vision insurance benefits during a furlough
  • Whether employees are entitled to unemployment compensation during a furlough
  • What happens if an employee on furlough is also on military leave

A furlough can have an immediate impact on your budget and the ability to meet your own and your family’s financial obligations. Plan ahead now in case your agency initiates this action! Make sure you understand all the consequences of a furlough before it happens- download How To Manage Your Federal Job Furlough today.