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Nathan Abse

Nathan Abse writes for Federal Employees News Digest and covers special-focus topics for Federal Daily.

Advocates, lawmakers laud firefighter pay boost

Federal wildland firefighters finally get long-awaited pay boost, and advocates are relieved.


Union: Fed firefighters finally get big pay boost

Nathan Abse interviews NFFE's president, Randy Erwin, about the good news: Fed wildland firefighters finally got a big raise, at least for two years. But climate change is bringing far more fire danger to our country, and much of the rest of the world.

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Despite polarizing politics, civil service protections endure—for now

With hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection looming, political scientist Kenneth Warren discusses the danger extreme polarization poses to American politics—and, over time, the civil service.


Expert: Despite polarizing politics, civil service protections endure—for now

As Congress opens hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Nathan Abse interviews political scientist Kenneth Warren about the dangers the country's ongoing partisan polarization poses to the functioning of our political system—and, longer term, federal agencies and the civil service.

Defense agency health unit represented by AFGE

Employees at Defense Health Agency headquarters have chosen AFGE as their union representatives.

D.C. Rep. slams bill to relocate agencies

The District of Columbia's longtime representative to Congress pushes back on yet another proposal to move federal agencies away from Washington.

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All hands on deck?

Even as many feds have returned to their agency offices and other traditional workplaces, some argue far many more should be back at their desks.

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New or aspiring fed? Check out the redesigned

A newly revamped, from the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), helps quickly inspire and guide new and returning applicants on their journey to federal employment.


Report: In one year, inflation ate 10% of Social Security’s buying power

A report from the Senior Citizens League highlights the loss of buying power in Social Security payments, tracking their erosion over time vs. inflation—and an especially harsh loss of 10% over the past year.


TSA bill passes House, promises better pay

If the bill becomes law, Transportation Security Officers and other TSA employees would see a significant pay raise—and gain access to the same appeals processes permitted for other federal employees.


House passes TSA workforce reform bill

Congress advanced a bill that, if approved in the Senate and signed at the White House, would give TSA employees better pay and collective bargaining rights on many issues, just like other feds.


Despite recent losses, USPS and unions see improvement ahead

The Postal Service recently reported a rise in overall revenue but some all-too-familiar net losses. However, in the wake of the recently passed Postal Service Reform Act, both management and unions expect better balance sheets in the future.


TSA workers, reps press for full GS rights

Transportation Security Agency employees aim this week to see the House pass a bill that would provide them with better pay and appeal options, similar to those available to other federal employees.

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Feds return to offices, boost local economies

Local news stories across the country are noting the healthy economic effects of the growing number of feds who are again working—at least part of the time—at the office.


Expert: Employers, government face airborne COVID dangers

With feds returning to offices, Nathan Abse interviews William P. Bahnfleth, Penn State University engineer and government advisor on how to beat back the threat of COVID in the workplace.

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April 28: Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day honors those who have lost their lives on the job, while recognizing the evolving successes of workplace safety efforts—in the federal government, led by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), now pressing for improvements for five decades. Government and unions are marking the day.

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Inflation spurs retirement concerns, but adjusting investments can help

The spike in prices, and forecasts for more inflation to come, is bringing worry to those planning for retirement. But a raft of advisories and expert sources in the media offer new strategies to protect and strengthen your savings plans.

Senior Execs: Deadline May 1 to nominate top feds

The group that represents federal execs will soon close nominations for its 2022 top awards.

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Union wants continued maximum telework—but OPM is pushing back

AFGE says the agency has rejected—often without due consideration—at least 80 proposals the union has made to retain the expanded remote work pioneered during the COVID pandemic.


Sexual misconduct in the federal workplace: One expert’s view ...

Nathan Abse interviews a specialist on workplace law, Michael H. Leroy of the University of Illinois College of Law, about the long—and sometimes seemingly impossible—struggle to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.