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Frank Konkel
Frank Konkel is Nextgov’s executive editor. He writes about the intersection of government and technology. Frank began covering tech in 2013 upon moving to the Washington, D.C., area after getting his start in journalism working at local and state issues at daily newspapers in his home state of Michigan. Frank was born and raised on a dairy farm and graduated from Michigan State University.
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National labs to receive $1.5B funding boost

The resources will come from the Biden administration-backed Inflation Reduction Act.

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Lawmakers ask NARA to certify whether Trump returned all presidential records

A Congressional committee expressed concern that former President Donald Trump may still possess presidential records at non-secure locations.

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Survey: More than 1 in 3 government employees haven’t taken a vacation in a year

Public sector employees cite the cost of taking time off as a key reason why they aren’t vacationing.

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Survey: Performance, pressure increased among remote govt. employees during COVID

The survey also revealed managers seem to trust employees to perform more in virtual environments.

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House chair looks to protect census from politicization

The proposed legislation applies mostly to the decennial census, which the U.S. government undertakes every ten years.

HHS establishes Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health

The HHS secretary also appointed an acting deputy director to manage the office.


GAO: Again, problems found in VA’s health records rollout

Audit finds that data quality and stakeholder engagement are two key issues with the rollout.