Workplace Safety

How to stay healthy during the holiday season

The Virginia Department of Health's Dr. Laurie Forlano joins our partner site podcast to discuss how to gather for the upcoming holidays and stay safe from respiratory illness like COVID-19.

COVID: Experts hired to help public health departments are losing their jobs

As the coronavirus pandemic raged, an independent nonprofit tied to the CDC hired an army of thousands of seasoned professionals to fill the gaps in the country’s public health system. Now, the money has largely run out—and state and local health departments are again without their expertise.

WH requests more COVID funding, Again

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Biden: The pandemic 'no longer controls our lives’

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OPM Director highlights the importance of mental health

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The state of the contractor vaccine mandate

Courtney Bublé joins our partner site's podcast to discuss what comes next for the mandate after the injunction was lifted ...

A watchdog raises more concerns about the strategic national vaccine stockpile

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U.S. military will pay for troops to travel for abortions

Post-Roe abortion restrictions already are hurting recruiting and retention, defense officials say.

Biden administration renews public health emergency for COVID-19 

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Current and former IRS employees face COVID fraud charges 

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The CDC scientist who couldn’t get monkeypox treatment

As a Black man and a senior CDC scientist, William L. Jeffries IV knows a lot about health inequities and infectious diseases in America. Still, it took visits to 3 doctors — and a desperate call to a colleague — for him to get treatment for monkeypox.

Pandemic watchdog seeks more time, money and authority

The office is floating a draft bill that would keep it open an additional five years, provide more consistent funding and expand the special IG’s jurisdiction.

WH says it hasn’t given up on COVID-19 funding

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Agencies across government send help as hurricane Ian slams Florida

FEMA says it has sufficient resources to handle the potentially catastrophic storm even as it tackles several crises simultaneously.

CDC team honored for COVID vaccine distribution work

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Federal agencies are ignoring most building safety concerns flagged by DHS

Lawmakers raise concerns about the non-compliance in light of the recent uptick in threats against feds.