Workforce Management

Protecting the professional civil service

The Professional Managers Association's Chad Hooper joins our partner podcast to discuss the Preventing a Patronage System Act.

Treasury chief: IRS modernization is coming soon

Janet Yellen laid out workforce and modernization priorities for the IRS during remarks on Thursday as the IRS looks to spend the $80 billion infusion from Congress over the next decade.

Agencies probe AI's impact on the American workplace

The top official at the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs said that government contractors have an "especially important role to play" in ensuring that automated technology in the workplace doesn't discriminate against qualified job-seekers.

Border agency deactivates regional Twitter account that promoted homophobic Tweet

The agency shut down the Twitter account for its West Texas regional office, saying “unauthorized and inappropriate content” was posted on the account last Saturday.

Federal government's office space plans, explained

Courtney Bublé joins our partner podcast to discuss a new GAO report on the impact of the pandemic and increased telework on federal agencies' future real estate plans.

Appeals court: Where does presidential power to force feds to vax end?

The fate of President Biden's vaccine mandate once again hangs in the balance.

State Department releases roadmap for increasing diversity and equity

The department also announced last month a new, paid fellowship and internship program aimed at bringing individuals with diverse backgrounds to the department.

How to handle—or mishandle—classified documents

Lindy Kyzer joins our partner podcast to discuss what happens to a clearance holder if they find themselves in a pickle similar to the one former President Donald Trump finds himself in.

Did the U.S. jump the gun with the new omicron-targeted vaccines?

With fears of a winter surge looming, government agencies have authorized and encouraged vaccination using a newly formulated booster. But, to many, the science to support that decision remains inconclusive.

Survey: More than 1 in 3 government employees haven’t taken a vacation in a year

Public sector employees cite the cost of taking time off as a key reason why they aren’t vacationing.

DHS: Customer experience hiring initiative, hundreds of technologist positions available

The agency’s initiative follows President Joe Biden’s 2021 executive order seeking to streamline the “government-to-customer delivery process.”

Getting things done in a bureaucracy

Former federal officials Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai join a partner podcast to discuss their new book.

Agencies really are missing an opportunity by downplaying performance information

Does the federal government keep its promises for improved performance? How would we know? Does anyone really care?

Dr. Fauci to young scientists: Follow the science and ‘stay out of politics’

After nearly six decades of civil service, Dr. Anthony Fauci hopes his post-government life will focus on inspiring the next generation of public servants.

Meet Mary Wakefield, the nurse administrator tasked with revamping CDC

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has tapped Mary Wakefield to help “reset” the agency after its public failures handling the covid pandemic. Those who know Wakefield say her high standards and problem-solving skills make her a good fit for the job.

Military sexual assaults surged in 2021, report shows

Pentagon’s annual report also reveals that fewer people trust the military system for dealing with such assaults.