Fed job satisfaction jumped during pandemic

The survey documents the rapid change to teleworking postures in government under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Union: Telework leads to productivity gains

Feds overwhelmingly want to keep the ability to telework additional days each week, according to the results of a survey released by the National Treasury Employees Union.

AFGE opposes changes to NSF hiring authorities

The measure, which would expand the hiring authorities of the director of the National Science Foundation, "bears a striking resemblance" to Schedule F, said AFGE national president Everett Kelley.

EPA eliminates Trump workforce orders

The Environmental Protection Agency rolled back the clock on portions of its collective bargaining agreement on official time, union office space, grievance procedures and more.

SSA: Unions, congressional Democrats want faster pace in labor reform

The Social Security Administration is under fire from unions and congressional Democrats unhappy with the agency's pace in implementing the Biden administration's changes to labor-management relations, and many are seeking the ouster of the Trump-appointed agency heads.

D.C.-area essential feds eligible for vaccines next month

Some agencies have been vaccinating their employees directly, but others haven't. The National Treasury Employee Union wants IRS to secure vaccine allotments for in-person workers nationwide.

Biden pledges help federal workforce

Pam Coleman, the director for performance management at the Office of Management and Budget, said that, "each week we seem to uncover more damage" done to the federal workforce under the Trump administration.

Democrats work to shape post-Trump workforce policy

Democrats in Congress are considering legislation on multiple workforce fronts, including the issue of limiting the president's authority to remake the civil service via executive order.

AFGE works to maximize Democratic control on the Hill

Although workplace safety is top of mind, the American Federation of Government Employees wants Congress to pursue action beyond the reversal of Trump workforce policies.

Will Schedule F return?

As it stands, future presidents could re-create Schedule F with more exemptions from the civil service, a power that the courts and the Congress have the power to change.

FLRA defends union fee rule

The Federal Labor Relations Authority is defending a 2020 rule in a union lawsuit – a rule opposed by the official now temporarily in charge of the agency.

For feds, mask mandate, diversity training reversal on Day 1 of Biden presidency

President Joe Biden is expected to reverse a raft of Trump-era federal workforce policy, but some executive actions will take time.

EEOC cancels official time for union reps

The rule change will restrict the use of official time for union representatives working with complainants on discrimination charges.

NTEU seeks to block Schedule F with lawsuit

The government has until January 15 to respond to the National Treasury Employees Union's lawsuit seeking the blockage of the new employee classification.

Schedule F Workforce orders included in funding bill

Democrats in the House and Senate urged appropriators to include a measure blocking the implementation of a workforce executive order making it possible to reclassify thousands of senior civil servants as "at will" employees, making it easier to hire and fire feds in certain key positions.

FLRA: VA must reinstate feds fired under EOs, issue back pay

In a win for the National VA Council, the Federal Labor Relations Authority dismissed the VA's exceptions to an arbitrator's award that requires it to reinstate union employees fired without performance improvement plans.

NTEU looks for a 'fresh start' under Biden

The union's blueprint for immediate action joins with NAPA's working group on the federal workforce in calling for the next director of OPM to abandon a regulation-heavy approach.