TSA screeners could receive 30% pay raise, on average

A bipartisan measure passed by the House would move the TSA's workforce under Title 5, promising full collective bargaining rights and other civil service protections enjoyed by most federal employees.

Senate votes, and FLRA is back in Democratic control

The Senate voted 50-49 to confirm former MSPB Chairwoman Susan Tsui Grundmann as a member of the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Senators, labor press for adding more ALJs to the SSA union

Democrats and labor advocates feel emboldened after the Biden administration encouraged agencies to search their ranks for misclassified workers.

Bill would permit feds to save for retirement longer

The legislation calls for raising the age when mandatory distributions must begin from 72 to 75.

With Social Security offices reopened, unions report a mixed bag

Some components of the agency report a more collaborative labor-management relationship—but not field office employees, who now complain of feeling physically threatened at work.

EPA will return to ‘hybrid’ office in May

The agency and its union agreed this month to start bringing union workers back to facilities in May, albeit with expanded telework and remote work options.

Some House Republicans want to re-effect Trump-era workforce policies

A dozen GOP lawmakers introduced a bill to revive the former president’s anti-union EOs plus an order that could politicize the civil service.

Smithsonian Leaders and Union Representatives Disagree Over Museum Openings

Many Smithsonian facilities are located in Washington, D.C., which has experienced a surge in coronavirus cases due to the spread of the Omicron variant.

Workplace COVID safety weakened, just as omicron hits

An interim health care workplace coronavirus protection standard has been allowed to expire, and employees and their representatives want protection reinstated—now.

Union: Some wins, some compromises in NDAA

The National Federation of Federal Employees is taking a victory lap for changing a much-derided two-year probationary period for some new employees back to one year.

Dems, unions urge reclassification of TSA screeners

So far, Republicans haven't signed on to a plan to alter the agency's unique personnel situation. Some experts caution that there are untended consequences from a move to put TSA officers under Title 5.

Fed job satisfaction jumped during pandemic

The survey documents the rapid change to teleworking postures in government under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Union: Telework leads to productivity gains

Feds overwhelmingly want to keep the ability to telework additional days each week, according to the results of a survey released by the National Treasury Employees Union.

AFGE opposes changes to NSF hiring authorities

The measure, which would expand the hiring authorities of the director of the National Science Foundation, "bears a striking resemblance" to Schedule F, said AFGE national president Everett Kelley.

EPA eliminates Trump workforce orders

The Environmental Protection Agency rolled back the clock on portions of its collective bargaining agreement on official time, union office space, grievance procedures and more.

SSA: Unions, congressional Democrats want faster pace in labor reform

The Social Security Administration is under fire from unions and congressional Democrats unhappy with the agency's pace in implementing the Biden administration's changes to labor-management relations, and many are seeking the ouster of the Trump-appointed agency heads.

D.C.-area essential feds eligible for vaccines next month

Some agencies have been vaccinating their employees directly, but others haven't. The National Treasury Employee Union wants IRS to secure vaccine allotments for in-person workers nationwide.