Fed job satisfaction jumped during pandemic

The survey documents the rapid change to teleworking postures in government under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navy examines racism, sexism in the ranks

The Navy's Task Force One Navy report looks to STEM training, recruitment, grooming policies as paths to encourage diversity and inclusion.

Judge blocks parts of workforce order

A nationwide injunction blocks sections of the order that apply to contractors and grant recipients, including a hotline created for employees to report training materials.

A Biden-Harris 'reset’ for feds

Federal employee unions and associations are hoping for concrete day-one rollbacks of Trump administration workforce policies on diversity training, official time, collective bargaining and the new 'Schedule F' classification.

VA reports smooth electronic health record system transition

The performance of infrastructure, end-user devices exceeded agency expectations on the VA's first go-live on its new electronic health record system.

State AGs call to end crackdown on diversity training

In a letter, 18 state attorneys general and the AG from the District of Columbia say that a recent executive order on diversity training is having "opposite effect" of its stated goal of preventing discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex.

Civil rights groups over block diversity training order

"Regardless of whatever dates or deadlines are in the executive order, the chilling effect is happening now," an attorney involved the case said.

Diversity training regulations cause confusion

Although a Department of Labor official says diversity training is still possible for federal contractors under the new policies, confusion over the guidelines has already resulted in cancelled training as agencies and contractors hit pause rather than risk violating a Trump administration executive order.

Groups complain about diversity training crackdown

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce led a nationwide coalition of trade associations and business groups in a letter opposing the Trump administration's executive order on diversity and inclusion training.

Army looking to virtual training

As social distancing becomes the norm, the Army increasingly looks to virtual training.

Tech groups react to diversity training executive order

The pushback comes as the Labor Department tries to explain what the memo does and does not allow with regard to diversity training.

Trump defends decision to end diversity training

At the first presidential debate, Donald Trump said that he had ordered trainings on race and gender sensitivity training canceled because the curriculum is "racist". His opponent countered saying, "he's the racist."

Long-delayed FEVS coming next week

The long-delayed Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey will kick off on Sept. 14.

OPM overhauls process for identifying new cyber talent

Assessments look to measure cognitive and interpersonal competencies as well as technical ability.

OPM aims to fast-track hires of former feds

Under a new rule proposed by the Office of Personnel Management, agencies would be able to offer reinstatement and higher pay grades to former federal employees who are looking to return to government after acquiring new skills.

Federal CIO Council, OPM team up to reach data scientists

The Data Science Training Pilot gives agencies a chance to see the benefits of data science projects while reskilling employees.

GAO: Agencies' IT workforce planning needs improvement

The congressional watchdog warned that agencies are putting billions in spending at risk by not taking steps to raise skills and competencies in the IT workforce.