GAO: Agencies' IT workforce planning needs improvement

The congressional watchdog warned that agencies are putting billions in spending at risk by not taking steps to raise skills and competencies in the IT workforce.

Dept. of State hiring freeze increasing cyber risk, report says

An extended hiring freeze at the Department of State delayed key cybersecurity initiatives and placed highly classified information at risk, according to a watchdog report.

Trump, lawmakers battle over shutdown, wall funding

Lawmakers are hurtling toward a partial government shutdown on Friday, as Trump and House conservatives dig in on wall funding.

House and Senate agree on CR through Feb. 8

It's still not clear if President Trump will agree to punt a confrontation on funding for the border wall until February, when Democrats control the House of Representatives.

Manager sentenced in passport scheme

A Texas passport office manager was sentenced to federal prison last month for his part in a scheme to issue passports to unqualified applicants, the Justice Department said.

Manager sentenced in passport scheme

A senior manager in a Texas passport office was sentenced to federal prison last month for his role in issuing passports to unqualified applicants, the Justice Department said.

State Dept. chooses Va. site for new training center

The State Department has selected a site about 40 miles southwest of Richmond, Va., to be the home of its new Foreign Affairs Security Training Center

U.S. offers military support for Winter Olympics

The United States has extended an offer of military support to the Russian government to bolster that nation's security for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Bill would reconcile locality pay disparity

House lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that would address a conflict in regional locality pay boundaries that has produced unequal calculation of wages for blue- and white-collar federal workers.

Lawmaker: White House, State Department not spending ‘responsibly’ on events

Citing a recent news report exposing lavish spending at an event attended by State Department employees earlier this year, the chairman of the House’s oversight panel is requesting an explanation of the dinner event that reportedly cost nearly $1 million.

Feds play their part in London Olympics

Federal intelligence, law enforcement and diplomatic agencies have beefed up their staff at facilities in the United Kingdom to provide increased security and otherwise serve the large number of Americans visiting for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Foreign Service fights staffing shortage

The State Department continues to face a shortage of Foreign Service employees overseas, especially at the midlevel, according to a July 16 report from the Government Accountability Office.

Foreign Service staffing shortage persists

The State Department is facing a persistent staffing shortage of Foreign Service employees overseas, despite recent hiring efforts.

Rulings Roundup: Probationary employee at State loses dismissal appeal

A probationary employee with the State Department lost her most recent appeal of her separation from that department.

Get trained for specialized skills as an avatar

A joint effort between DHS and the State Department will offer courses in a virtual worlds environment.

House passes funding bill, averts government shutdown

The House on Dec. 16 passed compromise appropriations legislation to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Most feds seek to improve, but say innovation unrewarded

A new mini-study indicates that while nine out of 10 federal employees are seeking ways to perform their jobs better, only about four out of 10 believe innovation and creativity are rewarded.