TSP participants bemoan bumpy recordkeeper transition

Feds and retirees are reporting problems with setting up new accounts for online access to the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program—and the agency’s call center has been deluged.

Podcast: How to negotiate your salary… and everything else

Author Jotham S. Stein joins our partner site GovExec's podcast, and discusses how to gain leverage in work negotiations.

The difference between a COLA and a pay raise

And why you won’t get the full effect of either if you retire on Dec. 31, 2022.

GOP senators issue last-minute demand that TSP delay mutual fund window

Just as the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program is about to begin offering mutual funds to its participants, some lawmakers warned it could lead to federal employees investing in China.

Life insurance for retirees

The rules and options for continuing your coverage into retirement. 

Nearly all TSP funds continued to tumble in April

Only the government securities fund—the G Fund—finished last month in the black.

When to leave to maximize your lump sum annual leave payment

Federal retirement expert Tammy Flanagan details the best dates to retire in the coming years to get the most out of what you’re owed for unused time off.

TSP to launch mobile app next year

The Thrift Savings Plan will offer a mobile app, as part of a plan to consolidate multiple service contracts at the FRTIB.

And now for something completely different ...

Columnist Mike Causey begins his most recent piece by wondering if most feds headed toward retirement are (still) talking about their pay and benefits packages, or is it something completely different—say, something about masks and jabs?

Sharply higher COLAs announced for 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI-W calculation of price rises across the economy has resulted in sharply higher cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), just announced Sept. 13 for Social Security as well as federal retirement and other plans.

Retirement: A practical and emotional decision

This week FEND looked for insights on current trends in retirement—for example, the current surge of people leaving their careers early—and we sought advice on retirement from Robin Ryan. Ryan is a long-time Forbes magazine reporter and Wall Street Journal-bestselling author specializing in employment and retirement issues. She has written voluminously, offering clear-eyed advice on the workplace, careers and retirement.

Early retirement? For some, it makes sense

Most retirement advisors are very cautious, focusing on the need for adequate savings and pension to be on hand, before calling it a day at the office. This week, however, we talked with a popular advisor who focuses on less-discussed subjects: finding the courage to retire, and satisfying a continuing need for a full life with some adventure and joy.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of September 20, 2021

LEO equity: Unions urge feds to push Congress

Federal employee unions and other labor advocates are pressing members to contact Congress to vote for H.R. 962 and companion Senate legislation, to correct a harsh unfairness built into law enforcement retirement and benefits. Currently, some feds get reasonable packages and others do not.

Expert: COVID, inflation and what NOT to do with your TSP

The COVID pandemic and the tantalizing but uneven economic recovery so far this year have feds seeking advice about their retirement savings, including TSP. This week, Nathan Abse interviews Ann Ozuna—a retirement expert and advisor whose clientele is focused on federal employees. Ozuna's experience in the federal community included two decades as a fed herself, working as a retirement specialist with DOD and DOE.

Report: Fed retirements increase

More feds are retiring this year than last, initial data shows. Delays in processing those claims are also increasing.