Postal Service

The Postmaster General Tells USPS Employees to Keep Upcoming Workforce Changes ‘in Perspective’

DeJoy says it is a "fool's errand" to try to predict all the changes postal workers will face in the coming years.

The Biden administration and USPS offer a first glimpse of a USPS-only health benefits system

Agencies are seeking to answer early questions, though they still have time to sort out details.

Why USPS is disproportionately impacted by high inflation

The Postal Service is expected to pay out $1.1 billion more in cost-of-living adjustments this year.

House approves package with IRS hiring boost, USPS EV funding

The measure aims to lower health care costs and strengthen the fight against climate change, and received only Democratic support.

Pressure rising against USPS 'reforms,' DeJoy asks stakeholders to fall in line

The Postal Service is facing pushback on its plans to raise rates, shrink the workforce and consolidate mail processing.

Employees: Major concerns as USPS starts delivery consolidation plan

Postal management says the changes will save money and lead to better working conditions.

USPS to slash 50,000 positions in coming years

The plan envisions relying solely on attrition. Meanwhile, USPS is delivering election ballots at a much faster clip.

IRS hiring surge, USPS electric vehicle funding and more in lawmakers' agreement

Many agencies would see a funding surge under an agreement struck last week by Democratic senators.

USPS ramps up electric vehicles to half of its initial contract order

With a new network and cash windfall, the Postal Service is going more electric—including with off-the-shelf options.

The Postal Service will continue to deliver abortion meds by mail

On our partner site's daily podcast, reporter Eric Katz discusses how USPS will handle mailers sending mifepristone and misoprostol via its network.

This is where USPS is building out its first mega-centers this year

The Postal Service plans to build out 60 new facilities as part of Louis DeJoy's 10-year blueprint for the organization's future, adding to overall staff and, according to plans, improving working conditions.

Regulator: More elements of DeJoy's plan for USPS are disruptive, unrealistic

This time, the criticisms address Postal Service plans to deliver some packages more quickly.

USPS plans to close more facilities, repurpose those that remain

As controversial Postmaster General Louis DeJoy seeks to implement his vision, new confirmed board members could tip the scales for USPS governance.

‘I am against retreat:' The Louis DeJoy ethos and the future of the Postal Service

Everything is “on the table” in this postmaster general’s USPS—except the status quo.

USPS converted 63,000 non-career employees to permanent status

The Postal Service has converted over 63,000 part-timers and non-career employees to permanent status just in the last year—and is promising new reforms to "all aspects of our operations" in the coming years.

Just as postal reform bill finally is signed, USPS hikes prices

Stakeholders had hoped the legislative overhaul would help avoid another large rate hike.