What feds should know: New paid parental bereavement leave benefit

Thanks to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, feds can take up to two weeks off after the death of a child.

Biden’s budget focuses on making government a model employer

The WH fiscal 2023 budget proposal envisions reforms to federal hiring and internships—as well as restructuring regional Federal Executive Boards.

OPM launches a toolkit to attract more women to SES

The push to recruit more women into the cadre of career government executives builds on a 2014 program—and comes amid news that, unlike the rest of the federal government, there is no gender pay gap in the Senior Executive Service.

WH & OPM say they will ‘address’ salary history in hiring process

Although the gender pay gap at fed agencies is much smaller than it is in the private sector, officials vowed to push to eliminate it altogether.

OPM Director talks fed recruitment

OPM Director Kiran Ahuja talked about streamlining hiring, implementing President Biden's executive order on diversity and more at a George Mason University event.

CDC has guidance on masks for federal workforce

The White House-led Safer Federal Workforce Task Force is incorporating recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updates on COVID protocols into their guidance for agencies looking to accommodate vaccinated workers.

Republican lawmakers want feds back in the office

Rep. Jody Hice, the top Republican on the House Subcommittee on Government Operations, says that recent CDC guidance on masks, vaccination and social distancing means that it's time for the federal government to move away from the emergency pandemic footing.

OPM extends deadline on implementing Trump-era hiring policy

The Biden administration extended the deadline for federal agencies to implement portions of a Trump-era executive order aimed putting less reliance on educational attainment in federal hiring.

OMB releases 2020 job satisfaction scores

Almost 40% of OMB survey participants choose strongly disagree when presented with the statement, "my organization's senior leaders maintain high standards for honesty and integrity."

OPM releases special leave program details

This special leave will be available through the end of the fiscal year or until the $570 million fund is exhausted, OPM documents say.

Fed job satisfaction jumped during pandemic

The survey documents the rapid change to teleworking postures in government under the COVID-19 pandemic.

OPM nominee talks telework, retirement

Kiran Ahuja, a veteran of the Office of Personnel Management, told lawmakers that she thinks that the lack of consistent leadership in the top position at OPM has taken a toll on the ability of the agency to complete longer term IT modernization projects.

OPM examines post-pandemic remote work

An Office of Personnel Management official said on Thursday that the office is looking into pay administration rules in terms of remote work as part of broader efforts to provide guidance for the long-term future of a more dispersed federal workforce.

Study looks into rebuilding OPM

A congressionally mandated study from the National Academy for Public Administration asks lawmakers and the executive branch to help create the conditions for the Office of Personnel Management to fulfill its purpose as a strategic human capital advisor to federal agencies.

Biden pledges help federal workforce

Pam Coleman, the director for performance management at the Office of Management and Budget, said that, "each week we seem to uncover more damage" done to the federal workforce under the Trump administration.

Democrats work to shape post-Trump workforce policy

Democrats in Congress are considering legislation on multiple workforce fronts, including the issue of limiting the president's authority to remake the civil service via executive order.

Kiran Ahuja to lead OPM

The former Office of Personnel Management chief of staff is slated to return to lead the federal government's human resources agency.