New threats to compensation on horizon

Federal employees can breathe a sigh of relief to be back at work after the longest shutdown in decades—but now they face yet another tough prospect: proposals to further cut their pay and benefits.

Union: Exempt DOD's working capital fund employees

One union that represents about 50,000 Defense Department workers is pushing for legislation that would exempt DOD's "working capital funds" (WCF) employees from furloughs.

Coalition campaign targets DOD furloughs

A coalition of federal employee organizations is mounting an online letter-writing campaign as part of its effort to pressure Congress to halt Defense Department furloughs that began the week of July 8.

Coalition ramps up letter-writing to oppose DOD furloughs

A coalition that announced it would mount a campaign to try to beat back the Defense Department furloughs slated to begin July 8 automated the letter-writing process to make it easier for feds to lodge objections with congressional lawmakers throughout the holiday weekend.

Labor coalition will campaign against DOD furloughs

A coalition of 20 unions said it will mount a campaign to fight the impending furlough of Defense Department civilian employees slated to begin July 8.

Labor groups work to moderate impact of cuts, furloughs

Labor is pushing back at agencies and attempting to soften the impact of furloughs and work with management to steer cuts into other areas.

Lawmaker proposes pay freeze extension, workforce cuts

Federal employee unions are blasting a proposal by Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) that would extend the current federal pay freeze and make federal workforce cuts to help head off the looming “fiscal cliff.”

Union fights 'unbalanced' pay freeze, cuts

This week, FEND's Nathan Abse interviews Cory Bythrow, the communications director of the National Federation of Federal Employees, to explore the efforts of the organization of more than 110,000 feds in its fight against lingering congressional proposals to maintain the federal pay freeze, and to make deeper cuts in federal jobs and pay.

Federal firefighters may buy health insurance

Seasonal federal wildlands firefighters appear to have scored a victory in their battle to obtain access to federal health insurance benefits.

Congress passes phased retirement measure

Congress passed a transportation bill that also includes a measure that will permit eligible federal employees who wish to ease into retirement to work part-time while receiving a partial annuity.

Federal firefighter begins virtual campaign for health benefits

With a typical workday being 16 hours spent battling wild fires protecting the nation's communities, John Lauer believes his employer – the federal government – should at least pay for his health care.

Bill to require higher pension contributions moves forward

A bill that would require federal employees to contribute an added 5 percent of salary to their pensions advanced late last month in the House of Representatives.

House panel advances bill requiring feds to contribute more to pensions

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on April 26 voted to advance a bill that would require federal employees to contribute an additional 5 percent of salary toward their pensions.

House budget targets feds ... again

House Republicans sounded a familiar note last week when they released details of a fiscal 2013 budget which, among other things, proposes to freeze federal civilian pay for another three years, cut the federal workforce, and trim back federal employee benefits.

Cuts will not solve deficit problem, says NFFE leader

NFFE President William Dougan offers his organization’s perspectives on recent GOP legislation and President Obama’s budget proposal.

President's budget tough on feds

President Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget proposal, although it would end the two-year pay freeze and give feds a modest 0.5 percent pay raise, also includes proposals to raise feds’ contributions to their retirements by 1.2 percent over three years, and would do away with the Federal Employees Retirement System supplement for new employees.

Fed unions react harshly to reports of payroll tax extension deal

Press reports that congressional negotiators had included a measure to require new federal employees to pay more toward retirement as part of a bipartisan bill to extend the payroll tax cut and continue funding for unemployment benefits drew the rapid condemnation of federal employee groups.