Being sidelined, yelled at isn’t always enough for whistleblower protection

Still, MSPB says it will broadly interpret civil service laws to cumulatively examine management’s actions.

Biden’s MSPB picks promise to provide feds ‘extra insurance’ against mistreatment

After five years of its absence, a restored Merit Systems Protection Board is setting new precedents with sweeping impacts on the civil service.

Appeals board rules that feds disclosing discrimination will get no whistleblower protections

Those employees must pursue a different path, though it is one that presents unique difficulties.

MSPB issues first precedent in 5 yrs

The Merit Systems Protection Board, which adjudicates discipline and removal actions taken against federal workers, is back in business and has created new precedent: determining that it cannot overrule laws that govern probationary periods.

Biden chooses employment lawyer to lead MSPB

The Merit Systems Protection Board has been without Senate-confirmed leadership since March 2019 and without a quorum to decide appeals since January 2017.

Lawmakers urge White House to fill MSPB slots

Appeals have been stalled at the Merit Systems Protection Board for more than four years, and leaders on the Government Operations subcommittee in the House want the White House to get moving on board nominations.

Democrats work to shape post-Trump workforce policy

Democrats in Congress are considering legislation on multiple workforce fronts, including the issue of limiting the president's authority to remake the civil service via executive order.

A Biden-Harris 'reset’ for feds

Federal employee unions and associations are hoping for concrete day-one rollbacks of Trump administration workforce policies on diversity training, official time, collective bargaining and the new 'Schedule F' classification.

IGs look to curb reprisals against whistleblowers

The Trump impeachment and trial put whistleblowers in the public eye, but behind the headlines, officials say, agency whistleblowers are subject to reprisal.

MSPB seeks to bypass WH budget request

To address its massive and growing backlog, the panel that reviews federal workplace complaints is asking to "bypass" the White House's budget request.

MSPB officially operating with no appointed members

At midnight March 1, the Merit Systems Protection Board will be in unprecedented territory: without a single appointed member.

MSPB still without quorum

After going nearly all of 2017 without a quorum, the Merit Systems Protection Board will likely not be able to address its growing backlog of nearly 1,600 cases in 2018.

MSPB issues report on vet preference

The Merit Systems Protection Board has issued a new report on hiring veterans by federal agencies.

New rule for VA employee removals

A new regulation governing the firing of Department of Veterans Affairs employees is now published and open for public comment.

OSC resolves two Hatch Act cases

The Office of Special Counsel said two Hatch Act cases referred to the organization by federal agencies have been resolved with "significant disciplinary action against federal employees."

Rulings Roundup: Defense employee prevails in VEOA case

A Computer Engineer with the Defense Contract Management Agency, won his most recent appeal of his exclusion from competition for a vacant slot as a Lead Interdisciplinary Engineer.

Furlough appeals go nowhere at MSPB

Federal employees who appealed their sequestration-induced furloughs last year have had no luck so far in pressing their cases before the Merit Systems Protection Board.