Postal Police union sues USPS management over order

Employee unions that represents postal employees have complained, grieved, sued and otherwise opposed the U.S. Postal Service's management over several controversial—and lawbreaking—actions initiated in recent months by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and his leadership team.

Special Counsel outlines its Hatch Act limits

In an Aug. 26 statement, Office of Special Counsel noted that though it has responsibility to enforce the Hatch Act, it “has no statutory authority to enforce or advise on criminal provisions…. That task belongs solely to the U.S. Department of Justice.”

Pompeo’s convention speech violates State Department’s Hatch Act guidance, critics say

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s taped address from the Middle East to be played during the Republican convention is raising ire among critics.

Union survey finds widespread racial bias at VA

Racism and incidents of racial bias are a big problem at the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a survey released by the American Federation of Government Employees.

Lawmakers, unions join to oppose end to ‘official time’ for EEOC complaints

Federal employee unions -- joined by 185 lawmakers on Capitol Hill -- are clamoring to block the Trump administration from eliminating federal employees’ use of “official time” for managing workplace discrimination complaints.

Union complaint of 'resistance' talk in the federal workplace dismissed

The American Federation of Government Employees had complained an Office of Special Counsel advisory was chilling federal employees' speech.

Esper calls Floyd murder a 'wakeup call' to improve diversity, inclusion

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he's heard from service members across the branches, which spurred DOD to stand up three initiatives to fight discrimination.

In praise of anonymous sources

My own "Deep Throat" never betrayed his department, but he did point out where it and other agencies were having problems, making mistakes or just not doing what they were supposed to do for agency employees and the taxpayers.

Terms of USPS loan deal raise eyebrows

The U.S. Postal Service’s agreement with the Treasury Department for $10 billion loan provided for in the CARES Act includes USPS handing over negotiated agreements with its top customers.

AFGE expands COVID hazard pay suit

American Federation of Government Employees has amended its claim for hazard pay for federal workers exposed to the coronavirus, adding plaintiffs from several new agencies.

Watchdogs at DHS, Justice to probe actions against protesters

The Trump administration's use of federal law enforcement agents against protestors in Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore., has attracted the attention of the inspectors general of the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

OPM stonewalls probe of possible civil service violations, IG says

The Inspector General of the Office of Personnel Management says the agency is not cooperating with a look at potential civil service law violations.

House-passed NDAA expands paid leave benefit to excluded feds, bans TikTok

Title 38 employees working at the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and Federal Aviation Administration were not included in the original bill that established the benefit.

Senate bill calls for online Plum Book

The measure looks to require more frequent updates of the directory of political appointees.

BLM materials not political, permitted at work, special counsel says

Because Black Lives Matter is not a political organization, literature or other materials displaying the organization’s name or slogans is not, in itself, a violation of the Hatch Act, according to the Office of Special Counsel.

DHS expands insider threat program

The Department of Homeland Security is expanding its insider threat program to go beyond scrutinizing individual with access to classified materials to encompassing "all those with past or current access to DHS facilities, information, equipment, networks, or systems."