Current and former IRS employees face COVID fraud charges 

The news comes as part of a roundup of the past week's updates and stories you may have missed.

IRS has funding to hire tens of thousands. Can it do it?

IRS hiring has been thrust into the spotlight, but augmenting the agency's workforce is still far from guaranteed.

Treasury chief: IRS modernization is coming soon

Janet Yellen laid out workforce and modernization priorities for the IRS during remarks on Thursday as the IRS looks to spend the $80 billion infusion from Congress over the next decade.

Republican senator implores Americans not to apply for new IRS jobs

New positions aimed at enforcing tax laws are immoral and will not last long anyway, the lawmaker suggests.

The Inflation Reduction Act will require the IRS to study free tax filing options

TurboTax maker Intuit has long blocked efforts to create free online tax filing for all, but this sweeping domestic policy bill provides $15 million to investigate how the IRS could implement such a program.

Lawmakers push IRS on backlog and customer service problems

The agency says it's aiming to get to a "healthy" backlog level by the end of the year, but in June, the National Taxpayer Advocate said that would be "difficult" for the agency to do.

IRS hiring in the big climate bill

The Inflation Reduction Act is the topic on our partner site's podcast, with Eric Katz.

House approves package with IRS hiring boost, USPS EV funding

The measure aims to lower health care costs and strengthen the fight against climate change, and received only Democratic support.

IRS hiring surge, USPS electric vehicle funding and more in lawmakers' agreement

Many agencies would see a funding surge under an agreement struck last week by Democratic senators.

Union: A request to raise gas reimbursement rates to reflect skyrocketing prices

One fed employee union this week pressed for higher fuel reimbursements, citing rapidly rising gas prices—along with a weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.

A few feds might qualify for a bigger tax refund, from Trump Social Security deferral

The IRS sent out a notice that some might need to file an amended return, but most federal employees don’t need to worry about it.

Podcast: Tax issues and security clearances

Reporter Lindy Kyzer joins the GovExec daily podcast, and discusses tax and financial problems that can derail a clearance seeker or clearance holder.

Want to get—or keep—security clearance? File your taxes!

Failure to file taxes reflects both a financial and rules-flaunting hubris. It can create a particularly painful hurdle for getting or keeping a cleared job.

IRS dips into enforcement funds, user fees for IT

Each year, the IRS must take extraordinary measures to fund IT," IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig explained in an August letter to three senators ...

IRS hiring blitz could lead to modernization

The tax agency's chief procurement officer says she's on a mission to find top talent to work with industry, while modernizing the agency's acquisition processes amid a ballooning tax gap.