Hiring and Firing Policies

Security clearance experts encourage national security workers to seek mental health treatment

The government and private sector are pushing to improve the narrative around mental health care.

FLETC wants to know why it isn’t able to attract more female instructors

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center seeks to “create a more diverse and balanced law enforcement instructor workforce.”

Court overturns MSPB rule on performance-based removals

The appeals court ruling changes decades of precedent to require agencies to justify the placement of an employee on a performance improvement plan in the event that they appeal their removal.

Judge blocks parts of workforce order

A nationwide injunction blocks sections of the order that apply to contractors and grant recipients, including a hotline created for employees to report training materials.

USCIS calls off furloughs of 13,000 workers

The planned furloughs of more than 13,000 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees set for Aug. 30 have been cancelled, the agency announced today.

TVA walks back plans to fire U.S. tech workers

The federally owned power company called the plan to fire workers and outsource IT operations as a "disappointing misstep" after the president blasted the move.

Trump pushes agencies to review, reduce foreign hires on federal contracts

The White House this week ordered all agencies to review their procedures to ensure that federal contractors employ U.S. nationals ahead of foreign workers.

Trump fires TVA chairman over foreign contractors

The federally owned power company is rethinking plans to fire its internal IT staff and shift to managed services in light of Trump's intervention and a new executive order on federal contracting.

Agencies need younger, more experienced hackers

Federal agencies could do much to improve their cybersecurity talent pool if they moved away from restrictive General Schedule hiring practices and were more open to bringing on younger candidates, according to Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

OPM’s draft hiring changes expected Aug. 21

The Office of Personnel Management plans to issue draft changes to General Schedule qualification policies by Aug. 21, to eliminate "unnecessary obstacles" to federal employment by focusing on skill assessments over credentials like college degrees.

Whistleblower ‘dissent channels’ aren’t working, watchdog says

Although some employees can file complaints without fear of reprisal, many see dissent channels as useless or worse, a new report finds.

Esper calls out DOD’s lax security culture

In a July 20 memo to all DOD personnel, Secretary Mark Esper reminded staff that unclassified information is not publicly releasable until it is approved for release.

Senior execs detail OPM modernization tactics

The Senior Executives Association, which represents members of the Senior Executive Service and other federal mangers, is looking for sweeping changes to the government's human resources organization and practice.

Union pleads for USCIS funding as furloughs loom

The union that represents many of the 13,000 immigration employees facing furloughs backed the agency's push for emergency supplemental funding.

AI commission floats idea of digital service academy

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence has suggested establishing a national digital service academy to train technical talent.

Senior execs detail OPM modernization tactics

As part of a plan to revitalize federal employment, the Senior Executives Association is looking to take the government's top human resources official out of the political fray with a 5- to 8-year appointment.

Esper calls out DOD’s culture of insufficient operations security

In a move to tighten operations security (OPSEC) and better protect national security and the safety of warfighters, the Defense Department is reminding employees not to disclose non-public information.