Financial Planning

Lawmaker calls for Inspector General oversight of TSP

The news comes as part of a roundup of developments on pay and benefits.

TSP portfolios faltered again in August

Retirement news: Nearly all of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings plan returned to negative territory last month.

Before & after retirement: To-do list

From Tammy Flanagan, some key tips on navigating the periods sandwiched around your retirement date.

Higher inflation at least means higher COLAs

That’s generally true for federal retirees, but here it’s a bit more complicated.

Retirement: Providing for your survivors

Feds, you have a range of options for guaranteeing a source of income for others in the event of your death, as Tammy Flanagan explains.

What you need to know about Social Security and federal retirement

The latest on this key element of the government’s retirement package. 

TSP, sustainability and the mutual fund window

Bryon McGannon, a director at the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, joins our partner site GovExec's daily podcast and discusses what the limited mutual fund window could mean for sustainable investing.

Things to consider before moving money into TSP's G Fund

Many funds in the government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program are seeing losses from market downturns, but the G Fund is growing.

A retirement journey, part one: pre-retirement

The first in a series on one employee’s retirement experience. 

GAO tags unemployment insurance as 'high risk'

The government watchdog says more than $78 billion in improper unemployment insurance payments were made in fiscal year 2021. The report cites fraud, poor customer service, inequitable access, legacy tech and staffing shortages as key drivers of failure.

Podcast: How to negotiate your salary… and everything else

Author Jotham S. Stein joins our partner site GovExec's podcast, and discusses how to gain leverage in work negotiations.

The difference between a COLA and a pay raise

And why you won’t get the full effect of either if you retire on Dec. 31, 2022.

When to leave to maximize your lump sum annual leave payment

Federal retirement expert Tammy Flanagan details the best dates to retire in the coming years to get the most out of what you’re owed for unused time off.

Need help with student loans?

A fed employee organization is partnering with a tech start up to help its members better manage student loan debt.