Emerging Technology

Army modernization scrutinized amid budget cuts

Lawmakers are concerned about the Army's modernization efforts being undermined by planned budget cuts

Army looking to virtual training

As social distancing becomes the norm, the Army increasingly looks to virtual training.

DOD makes long-awaited updates to acquisition policy

The Defense Department released long-awaited updates to acquisition policy at the close of 2019.

DOD board recommends changes to hiring process

The Defense Department's readiness in emerging technology areas such as data science will slip away unless it changes its hiring processes, according to the Defense Innovation Board's recommendations.

CBP using latest tech to save on staff hours

Customs and Border Protection's email migration project is an example of emerging tech's practical payoffs.

GAO’s new science and technology office to double its staff size

The Government Accountability Office's new science and technology wing plans to double its staff size and take on a much broader role in the IT modernization and emerging tech space.