10 competitive midterm races for feds to watch

Control of Congress hangs in the balance as several races of key importance to feds are among the tightest in the country.

Conspiracy theories, records requests and lies: What running an election looks like now

The predominantly women-led election administration workforce is still dealing with a skeptical public, as they administered early voting and prepared for Election Day.

Some fed agencies are not fulfilling promise to give time off to vote

Agencies are exploiting loopholes or issuing restrictive policies to defy President Biden's order, confounding staff.

Political violence in America is not going away anytime soon

The rise in contemporary right-wing political extremism – and violence – can be traced back to events in the 1990s

Voting misinformation crops up all around the U.S., through midterm elections

It’s hard to determine what is disinformation, and who the actors are behind it.

How the midterm elections could change oversight

Our partner site's podcast has Eric Katz join in to discuss the upcoming elections.

USPS poised for improved performance in this November's elections, officials say

The Postal Service has ramped up communications with local officials, and will begin "extraordinary measures" to expedite ballot delivery next week.

Can federal employees take part in political campaign activities? Election do’s and don’ts

This is the third installment in a series on the rules and policies federal employees should know ahead of the midterm elections.

Can federal employees volunteer for political campaigns and make contributions? Election do's and don'ts

This is the second installment in a series about the rules and policies federal employees should know ahead of the midterm elections.

Does the Hatch Act apply to you? Election season do’s and don’ts

This is the first installment in a series, to lay out the rules and policies federal employees should know ahead of the midterm elections.

Preparing for the midterm elections, at the EAC

Courtney Bublé speaks to Thomas Hicks, Election Assistance Commission chair, about the upcoming November elections on the podcast.

The race to be the next House Dem overseeing feds has begun

The outgoing oversight panel leader who lost her primary had an extensive legacy with federal management issues, but at least one new contender also has established credentials.

Recruiting the ‘essential workers of democracy’: Group aims to sign up poll workers ahead of midterms

Nonpartisan nonprofit Power the Polls started out helping recruit poll workers during a global pandemic in 2020. Now the nonprofit group is back to help election administrators address new challenges.

‘We need your help’: Election officials ask Congress to better address harassment ahead of midterms

Women make up the overwhelming majority of the election workforce, and many are facing threats in the wake of lies spread about the integrity of the 2020 election.

'Independent state legislature doctrine' could end 200 years of progress, take power from the people

A doctrine embraced by some conservatives could be adopted by the Supreme Court. If they do, Americans’ political power will be dramatically limited.

Securing the human side of elections

Alliance for Securing Democracy's David Levine joins our partner GovExec's podcast, and discusses a new report on deterring threats to election workers.

USPS to slash 50,000 positions in coming years

The plan envisions relying solely on attrition. Meanwhile, USPS is delivering election ballots at a much faster clip.