OPM releases special leave program details

This special leave will be available through the end of the fiscal year or until the $570 million fund is exhausted, OPM documents say.

Top House Dems push Young for budget director

The House Speaker her and top lieutenants are pressing for the nomination of Shalanda Young to lead the Office of Management and Budget.

Sen. Peters takes over committee reviewing workforce priorities

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee will be faced with oversight responsibilities over the SolarWinds hack, the federal government's response to the pandemic and with legislation to implement the Biden administration's priorities for the federal workforce.

Many of Trump's political appointees may stay in government under Biden

Burrowing has a history that traces back to civil service reforms of the late 1880s, when Congress passed a law to try to ensure that jobs were awarded on merit rather than patronage. The number of hires sought under Trump is so far roughly similar to the tally of other recent administrations, but the types of positions being converted are more political than in the past

GSA releases transition funds to Biden

More than two weeks after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election by the Associated Press, the General Services Administration is releasing $7.3 million in transition funding and making other resources available to the president-elect's team.

Fed workforce panel largely sides with VA in a labor ruling

The Federal Service Impasses Panel largely sided with the Department of Veterans Affairs in a contract ruling in a case between the VA and the National Veterans Affairs Council (NVAC).

OPM vets on the Biden-Harris transition team

In advance of the General Services Administration designating Biden as president-elect and releasing transition funds, the Biden-Harris team is working outside of government, consulting with former officials and experts.

A Biden-Harris 'reset’ for feds

Federal employee unions and associations are hoping for concrete day-one rollbacks of Trump administration workforce policies on diversity training, official time, collective bargaining and the new 'Schedule F' classification.

Trump defends decision to end diversity training

At the first presidential debate, Donald Trump said that he had ordered trainings on race and gender sensitivity training canceled because the curriculum is "racist". His opponent countered saying, "he's the racist."