Lawmakers: When will most feds work in person again?

With so much remote work going on, some in Congress would also like to scrutinize the federal government’s real estate footprint. 

WH boots Dr. Oz and former NFL player Herschel Walker off Advisory Council

Both are campaigning for Senate, which precludes them from serving on presidential boards under a Biden administration policy.

Podcast: Trump workforce policy is not going away

Reporter Erich Wagner joins in on the "GovExec Daily" podcast to discuss a new bill that, contrary to the position of major federal employee organizations, would bring back the former president's approach to federal personnel policy.

Some House Republicans want to re-effect Trump-era workforce policies

A dozen GOP lawmakers introduced a bill to revive the former president’s anti-union EOs plus an order that could politicize the civil service.

Shutdown looms as House takes up CR, debt limit extension

Most agencies are still operating under shutdown plans crafted under the Trump administration, but there are provisions for continuing pandemic programs and operations.

Lawmakers propose slate of VA fixes

Senate and House lawmakers have proposed a range of legislative remedies aimed at reforming senior management at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and increasing veterans' access to care.

Senate to probe allegations of patient neglect at VA facility

The Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs will hold a hearing on alleged patient neglect at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, Ariz., after the department's inspector general completes an independent investigation of the allegations.

IFPTE urges Congress to reject TVA privatization

The International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers is urging leaders of the congressional committees that oversee the Tennessee Valley Authority to reject the administration's proposal to divest the TVA.

Senators seek more frequent clearance reviews

A bipartisan group of senators is asking the leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to approve a bill to strengthen security clearance background checks.

Caucus to focus on whistleblower enforcement

A long-time advocate of federal whistleblowers announced he will form a caucus dedicated to ensuring enforcement of federal whistleblower laws.

House lawmakers say new CFC rules could backfire

A bipartisan group House legislators is pushing back at new draft regulations from the Office of Personnel Management that make major changes to the way the Combined Federal Campaign is operated.

Postal unions pool efforts to oppose White House reform proposal

The leaders of four major postal unions wrote a letter to the leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to express their opposition to the president's budget proposals concerning the U.S. Postal Service—as well as the committee's plans to try to marry those proposals with its own legislation.

Lawmaker looks to lessen reform impact on employees

A House lawmaker is pursuing ways to implement improvements at two agencies through alternative approaches that exert a less severe impact on federal employees.

Senators want more frequent security clearance reviews

Four senators are asking the leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to act on a bill to strengthen security clearance background checks.

Insight by Mike Causey: Well-fed fed

When you joined the government, the deal probably did not include room and board as well as pay and a pension. But there are 500-plus of your fellow feds who have the room-and-board option—and about a dozen are taking advantage of it. If you tried that, you'd be fired in a heartbeat. The bad news is that you and I arranged for these folks to get their jobs. And now many of them are living large even as they urge the rest of us to tighten our belts.

Senator to form whistleblower caucus

A long-time advocate of federal whistleblowers said he will form a caucus aimed at making sure whistleblower laws are enforced.

Boehner pushes for VA accountability bill

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has thrown in with supporters of legislation that would give the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs the authority to demote or remove senior VA officials for poor performance.