Civilian and Independent

VA celebrates four years of Post-9/11 GI Bill

VA said it has issued about $30 billion in educational benefits payments so far to almost 1 million service members under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Co-workers are often culprits in federal workplace violence

While federal employees whose work requires them to have routine direct contact with the public have an increased risk for exposure to workplace violence, an upcoming report notes that one of the most common sources of violence in the workplace is closer to home.

Bonuses for federal employees down by $43M last year

Federal workers received about $439 million in bonuses last year, down from $482 million in 2010.

Obama plan would cut wide and deep

President Obama announced further deficit reduction plans last week, calling for cuts—or, in some cases, studying cuts—to budgets across the entire federal government. The proposed cuts would affect active and retired feds alike -- from civilian federal employees to military service members to Postal Service employees.

Bill proposes honoring federal civilians killed on duty

Legislators will consider a new bill to honor federal civilian employees.

Pay, benefits at risk in August

The federal government sometime in early August would be unable to meet a wide range of spending obligations—including federal salaries and benefits and military active-duty pay, one group says.

Military compensation outstrips federal civilian pay

The Congressional Budget Office on Jan. 20 released an updated analysis which compared military compensation to the pay received by federal civilian workers. Not surprisingly, military pay outstrips fed civilian pay for comparable jobs.