Do some 9/11 responders have a new kind of dementia?

World Trade Center responders who have PTSD may have a new, specific form of dementia, a new study suggests.

The Biden Administration ends COVID-19 testing aimed at unvaccinated workers

Employees across the federal workforce will soon face the same safety protocols regardless of vaccination status.

Retirement: Providing for your survivors

Feds, you have a range of options for guaranteeing a source of income for others in the event of your death, as Tammy Flanagan explains.

Employee group renews calls for agencies to protect feds, post-Roe

Among the requests: administrative leave and travel reimbursement—to cover federal workers who must travel across state lines to receive abortion services—as well as to opt out of relocating to states that ban the procedure.

Financial tips from a TSP millionaire

Financial professional and longtime fed Abraham Grungold joins our partner GovExec's podcast to discuss the Thrift Savings Plan

It’s time to treat the federal workforce better

Reducing employee burnout will help agencies retain the employees they need to advance their mission.

HHS is establishing a new office targeting long COVID

The effort to manage this particular scourge comes as part of our partner site's weekly list of news updates on COVID that you may have missed.

What you need to know about Social Security and federal retirement

The latest on this key element of the government’s retirement package. 

Another firefighter compensation bill passes, and more ...

A bill providing better pay for federal firefighters passed in the House, and separately a measure to reform retirement for federal first responders advanced, along with other newsworthy items in our weekly roundup on pay and benefits.

How to plan for your retirement

Guests from over the last year on the GovExec podcast discuss the TSP, planning and preparation for your life after work.

Security clearance experts encourage national security workers to seek mental health treatment

The government and private sector are pushing to improve the narrative around mental health care.

VA Is 'Closely Watching' the Fate of Abortion Access as It Weighs Offering the Service

The leader of the largest hospital network in the country says he has the authority to change the department's policy.

House clears the way for Biden’s 4.6% pay raise plan

Lawmakers effectively endorsed the president’s pay raise proposal for federal workers Wednesday, although the Senate has yet to weigh in on the issue.

It could get easier to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Biden administration earlier this month announced a wholesale reform of a web of federal loan forgiveness, including a number of measures to make it easier for federal workers to make use of the historically headache-inducing programs.

Schedule F ban among workforce provisions in annual defense policy bill

The House just last week passed the bill—which also contains provisions granting full civil service protections plus a pay raise to TSA employees.

DOD will continue to conduct reproductive health procedures

Jacqueline Feldscher joins our partner site's podcast to discuss how the Pentagon is treating the Dobbs decision and abortion at its facilities.

The TSP service transition is not going well ...

Reporter Erich Wagner joins our partner site's podcast to discuss his reporting on the Thrift Savings Plan’s new web-based services following the transition to a new recordkeeper.