AFGE works to maximize Democratic control on the Hill

Although workplace safety is top of mind, the American Federation of Government Employees wants Congress to pursue action beyond the reversal of Trump workforce policies.

FLRA: VA must reinstate feds fired under EOs, issue back pay

In a win for the National VA Council, the Federal Labor Relations Authority dismissed the VA's exceptions to an arbitrator's award that requires it to reinstate union employees fired without performance improvement plans.

Fed workforce panel largely sides with VA in a labor ruling

The Federal Service Impasses Panel largely sided with the Department of Veterans Affairs in a contract ruling in a case between the VA and the National Veterans Affairs Council (NVAC).

Feds, union sue for hazard pay

The national union alleges that "thousands of feds" likely exposed to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 while on the job.

Two agencies extend telework due to coronavirus

The Securities and Exchange Commission said it was encouraging headquarters employees to telework as a cautionary measure.

Trump administration advances policy that could block DOD unions

The delegation of authority is the first step in a plan that could lead to the elimination of unions at civilian defense agencies.

Unions mum on presidential endorsements

Public-sector unions are taking a wait-and-see approach after early endorsements in the 2016 cycle.

FLRA ruling would allow feds to easily opt out of union dues

In a blow to federal unions, the Federal Labor Relations Authority ruled on Feb. 14 that federal workers could stop paying union dues at any time, instead of observing the current practice of letting employees elect to withhold dues once a year.

AFGE, Bureau of Prisons ink new labor pact

The American Federation of Government Employees announced that its Council of Prisons Locals (CPL) has entered a new contract with the Bureau of Prisons.

Senate bill calls for 3.3 percent pay hike

Employee groups praised the introduction of legislation that would provide federal workers with a 3.3 percent pay raise in 2015.

AFGE says staffing shortage at core of VA woes

While allegations of secret waiting lists implicate senior management at Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities, one union claims understaffing is at the heart of the problem of long wait times.

FEMA bargaining units consolidate

The American Federation of Government Employees announced it will represent a new consolidated group of about 2,500 bargaining unit employees at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Union wants OMB to waive back payments to FERS

The American Federation of Government Employees is urging the Office of Management and Budget not to compel new federal employees hired since the beginning of the year to make retroactive payments into the Federal Employees Retirement System this summer.

Postal workers rally against retail partner program

Postal employees and supporters across the country participated in a "day of action" April 24 to protest a U.S. Postal Service program to put USPS counters manned by non-postal employees in Staples office supply stores.

Insourcing can remedy gender pay gap, Cox says

One union chief claims President Obama can cut the gender pay gap by hiring more federal employees to do some of the work now done by contractors.

House Republicans roll out FY15 budget resolution

House Republicans on April 1 released their budget proposal for fiscal 2015—and labor organizations quickly registered strong dissatisfaction over measures in the resolution that would scale back the size of the federal workforce and the benefits federal employees currently receive.

Proposal outlines new civil service framework

The Partnership for Public Service has released a new report calling for sweeping changes to the federal civil service system.