For some, retirement just means a different kind of work

One path to financial security is to continue earning money after your federal career ends.

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Choosing the best 2023 dates to retire

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Fed retirees to receive highest COLA in decades—but some will get less than others

CSRS enrollees will see an 8.7% increase in their defined benefit pension payments in 2023, while those in FERS will get only 7.7%.

Big COLA boost for retirees

High inflation at least means a boost in federal retirement benefits, though in fact the increase just barely keeps pace with retail prices.

Preparing to 'Win' Retirement

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Rules and requirements for federal retirement

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There are many ways to calculate a consumer price index, which in turn guide COLAs and raises. The various routes continue to spark controversy.

Before & after retirement: To-do list

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Higher inflation at least means higher COLAs

That’s generally true for federal retirees, but here it’s a bit more complicated.

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The latest on this key element of the government’s retirement package. 

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House passes first responder retirement fix

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