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    Question: My agency is trying to force me out. I will be 61 in October and have 31 years in December. If I retire on January 1 how much can I expect to receive? Can I apply for disability retirement at the same time and would my benefit go up when I reach full retirement? Do I have to take a survivor annuity if I want my husband to be able to keep his insurance should I pass away? View More

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    Question: I retired under CSRS in 2009 at age 55. I currently receive social security benefit of $120/month. I plan on signing up for Medicare A&B in 2019. My income is such that I would qualify for the lowest Part B premium. Will it be possible to have my Medicare premium withheld from my Social Security benefit? And if so, will the SS benefit be adequate to pay for Medicare in perpetuity? View More


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