• Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts Help Reduce Out-of-Pocket Medical, Dental and Vision Expenses

    An important decision that employees have to make during the 2019 Federal benefits “open season” is whether they want to enroll - or to reenroll - in a health care flexible spending account (HCFSA) for the 2020 plan year. This newsletter discusses how participation in an HCFSA can reduce an employee’s out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision expenses. View More

  • Understanding the Rules Associated with “Postponed” Retirement

    Employees covered by FERS may be eligible for “postponed” retirement. This week’s column discusses how “postponed” retirement works and which employees are eligible. Also included in the discussion are any possible reductions to the FERS annuity and the effect of “postponed” retirement on Federal health, life, dental and vision, and long care insurance benefits associated with “postponed” retirement. View More


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