Podcast: How to negotiate your salary… and everything else

Author Jotham S. Stein joins our partner site GovExec's podcast, and discusses how to gain leverage in work negotiations.

A few feds might qualify for a bigger tax refund, from Trump Social Security deferral

The IRS sent out a notice that some might need to file an amended return, but most federal employees don’t need to worry about it.

Bill would standardize fed retiree COLAs

A bill pending in Congress would provide FERS and CSRS retirees the same cost of living increases, as an annual percentage.

TSA bill passes House, promises better pay

If the bill becomes law, Transportation Security Officers and other TSA employees would see a significant pay raise—and gain access to the same appeals processes permitted for other federal employees.

TSA workers, reps press for full GS rights

Transportation Security Agency employees aim this week to see the House pass a bill that would provide them with better pay and appeal options, similar to those available to other federal employees.

More than 60 Democratic lawmakers want a 5.1% raise for feds

The lawmakers asked the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to override WH plan for an average 4.6% raise for 2023.

Feds can now donate to Ukraine relief, directly

Through June 30, feds can pledge donations to charities working on relief efforts in Ukraine—in a special round of the Combined Federal Campaign.

Podcast: Biden's budget would bring a big pay raise for feds

Erich Wagner joins the GovExec daily podcast, and discusses the WH blueprint's workforce provisions.

Feds: 4.6% pay boost good, but 5.1% better

Fed unions generally applaud the Biden budget proposing a 4.6% pay bump for FY 2023. But, considering inflation and the many effectively raise-less years in the past decade, they are still pressing for 5.1%.

OPM launches a toolkit to attract more women to SES

The push to recruit more women into the cadre of career government executives builds on a 2014 program—and comes amid news that, unlike the rest of the federal government, there is no gender pay gap in the Senior Executive Service.

WH & OPM say they will ‘address’ salary history in hiring process

Although the gender pay gap at fed agencies is much smaller than it is in the private sector, officials vowed to push to eliminate it altogether.

DOL seeks to update wage regs

Officials at the department say the move represents the “most comprehensive review” of a contractor wage law in 40 years.

Unions: Thumbs up for funding bill's passage, down for repeated near-shutdowns

Passage of the bill funding the government brings relief from fed unions,—but near-shutdowns need to become a thing of the past, please.

Fed firefighters need greater recognition, better pay

These feds have a particularly tough job, and their union's leader told lawmakers they need better treatment and pay from those in charge back at headquarters.

Overtime settlement for VA medical workers progresses

The suit, which claimed unpaid overtime for thousands of medical workers, was settled last year—and is now advancing toward payout.