National Finance Center to implement Trump’s payroll tax deferral on fed paychecks

The NFC said it plans to eliminate deductions for Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance in accordance with the president’s Aug. 8 executive order deferring deductions due to COVID-19.

USCIS calls off furloughs of 13,000 workers

The planned furloughs of more than 13,000 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees set for Aug. 30 have been cancelled, the agency announced today.

Senators cite USCIS surplus in request to postpone furloughs

The immigration agency is now set to end FY2020 with surplus, and two Senate appropriators are asking for a pause on furloughs while Congress negotiates supplemental funding to offset 2021 shortfalls.

House committee passes DHS spending bill, boosts USCIS funding

Passage comes a day after union leaders warned about impacts of looming USCIS furloughs.

10 House members urge 3% pay raise for civilian feds

Citing pay parity and COVID-19 resiliency, lawmakers urge Appropriations Committee to rethink planned 1% increase.

OPM seeks new pay locality areas

The Office of Personnel Management proposed regulations to establish a new locality pay area for Des Moines, Iowa, and to include Imperial County, in the Los Angeles-Long Beach, Calif., locality pay area.

General schedule pay issues stymie hiring efforts

Federal agency chief human capital officers say the general schedule that covers civilian employee pay frequently hinders hiring for critical occupations like information technology and cybersecurity.

Non-profit seeks better tax treatment for feds

The National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees makes pitch in advance of congressional tax reform efforts.

Military slated for big pay bump under House version of NDAA

The $696 billion defense authorization bill, passed by the House Friday, includes a 2.4 percent pay raise for members of the military.

TSP issues warning against use of unknown 'third-party' apps

The Thrift Savings Plan has issued an announcement warning against federal employees and retirees using third-party mobile apps to manage their accounts.

Payments in USPS settlement slated before Dec. 25

The U.S. Postal Service has told certain eligible postal workers that they likely will receive their share of a monetary grievance settlement before Christmas, the American Postal Workers Union announced.

OPM proposes new, expanded locality pay areas

The Office of Personnel Management published a proposed rule that would establish 13 new locality pay areas, as well as expand a number of existing areas.

New pay localities a done deal—maybe

The American Federation of Government Employees has posted answers on its website to five top questions concerning 13 new pay localities.

Indian Health Service workers win $80M settlement

Three employee unions have reached an $80 million settlement in a Fair Labor Standards Act grievance filed against the Health and Human Services Department's Indian Health Service.

Bill would forbid furloughed feds from 'double dipping'

A Texas lawmaker last week introduced a bill to prevent furloughed federal employees from "double-dipping" compensation.

Union: 13 new pay localities to launch in 2016

New pay localities will be established in 13 metropolitan areas in January 2016, a federal employee union reported.

AFGE calls for minimum wage increase

A labor leader is calling on the federal government to raise the minimum wage for federal and D.C. government employees to $15 an hour.