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By FEND Staff

Summertime giving: Feds, please chip in

By FEND Staff

A major federal employee union is urging members and others to give to charity this summer—and specifically to a tried and true stalwart that focuses only on the needs of feds.

Expert: Normalcy returning to the civil service, slowly

By Nathan Abse

Six months into the current administration, to many there’s just one key question about our government many are asking—political scientists, public administrators and the public: all want to know: Are we beginning to see a return to “normal” in government, in agencies and the civil service—and perhaps even in our politics? “

The new math for COLAs

By FEND Staff

There's a New Math on what we might expect for retired feds and their COLAs.

Poll: Telework increases productivity

By FEND Staff

A new survey adds to the growing weight of reports showing telework works for feds, with 80% of respondents saying remote work is helping them complete tasks more efficiently.

TSP to offer sustainable funds

By FEND Staff

Federal retirees will have new choices for investing their retirement savings, those that support sustainable enterprises. But the option will not be available until next year.

Get your C.V. in order

By FEND Staff

The American Society for Public Administration is hosting an e-learning event this month on “Crafting a Compelling Resume,” to help you get beyond concerns about yours.

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