NARFE: Document all civilian and military work credits

NARFE will host a helpful online retirement event July 7, advising feds on how to make sure they get credit for all of their service.

SCOTUS: Erroneous benefits decision stands

Last week's Supreme Court decision in George v. McDonough is likely to make it more difficult for people to successfully sue feds.

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Life outside the Beltway

Federal beat columnist Mike Causey reminds the majority of feds who live far from Washington to come visit and actually see the sights sometime—and recalls the joys of his own escapes far from the national capital area.

Expert: Despite polarizing politics, civil service protections endure—for now

As Congress opens hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Nathan Abse interviews political scientist Kenneth Warren about the dangers the country's ongoing partisan polarization poses to the functioning of our political system—and, longer term, federal agencies and the civil service.

Inflation eats 10% of Social Security check value—in just one year

Social Security payments have eroded in buying power over time, especially over this past year's accelerated inflation—with an especially harsh loss of 10% over the period. A report from the Senior Citizens League explores the problem.

Back to the office?

Some argue that far many more feds should already be back at their desks.

DOD civilians, try these retirement tools …

The Pentagon's civilian employees are urged to maximize their retirement—and to start by consulting one of many informational aids and tools on some dedicated DOD websites.

Lawmaker slams relocation bills

D.C.'s House representative pushes back, trying to ensure a dead stop to yet another proposal to move federal agencies away from the nation's capital.

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Correction: Bias made me do it ...

Longtime journalist and columnist Mike Causey reflects on an enduring problem in media—worsening these days—of news reports marred by more than a touch of bias. Still he reminds us, lest we forget, much of our press is good, fair and helpful.

House passes TSA workforce reform bill

Congress advanced a bill that, if approved in the Senate and signed at the White House, would give TSA employees better pay and collective bargaining rights on many issues, just like other feds.

Revamped TSP site, app due in June

TSP's website is going down temporarily for a redesign, but will be back with new and improved features sometime during the first week of next month.

Postal reform raises hopes

Amid mixed financial reports, the postal reform bill passed earlier this year is buoying expectations of greater long-term organizational stability among both management and labor at USPS.

Events: Public Service Week, Sammies

Early May saw several notable events spotlighting the best of the federal workforce.

Firefighters bill advances

Legislation to shore up workers comp for federal firefighters, easing claims for a number of conditions often brought about by their demanding and dangerous work, passed in the House of Representatives.