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Postal reform raises hopes

Amid mixed financial reports, the postal reform bill passed earlier this year is buoying expectations of greater long-term organizational stability among both management and labor at USPS.

Events: Public Service Week, Sammies

Early May saw several notable events spotlighting the best of the federal workforce.

Firefighters bill advances

Legislation to shore up workers comp for federal firefighters, easing claims for a number of conditions often brought about by their demanding and dangerous work, passed in the House of Representatives.

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A place like Heaven

Just as OPM releases its annual survey results of federal employee opinions about their employing agencies, our columnist and raconteur of workplace lore Mike Causey remembers ruefully some office antics when he had to fill in the same kind of blanks.

Expert: Employers, government face airborne COVID dangers

With feds returning to offices, Nathan Abse interviews William P. Bahnfleth, Penn State University engineer and government advisor on how to beat back the threat of COVID in the workplace.

FEVS: Feds less engaged

The results of the annual survey of federal employees and their take on work and employing agencies was just released—registering another slight drop in engagement.

Feds like telework, but OPM balks

Unions and the feds they represent are pressing for continued maximum telework.

Workers Memorial Day marked

The annual commemoration of workers who lost their lives on the job brought numerous events around the country—and a display of pride and hope in the work of OSHA and other federal regulators who prevent such tragedies.

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The 'right time' to invest ...

Columnist Mike Causey speculates on how the late great comedian Groucho Marx would invest for the 21st century—but quickly gets serious, sharing with us the fund picks of today's, and tomorrow's, TSP millionaires.

Sexual misconduct in the federal workplace: One expert’s view ...

Nathan Abse interviews a specialist on workplace law, Michael H. Leroy of the University of Illinois College of Law, about the long—and sometimes seemingly impossible—struggle to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

Student loans: Relief for public employees

There's light at the end of the tunnel for feds and other public-sector workers with student loan relief.

Ban TSP investment in China-based firms?

With the aim of keeping federal retiree savings out of "China-based" companies, a group of GOP lawmakers is pressing nominees to the board that controls the Thrift Savings Plan to pledge, in advance of confirmation, to do just that.

Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of April 18, 2022.

Retirement funds: Beware the fees!

Federal beat columnist Mike Causey explores some of the hidden costs of the latest, and at times over-hyped, TSP offerings—and remembers a favorite uncle's advice along the way.

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