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Investigative report eyes DHS IG

Some apparent missteps of the DHS IG are scrutinized in recent investigative efforts.

Group perseveres against fed unions

An anti-union organization is urging the Federal Labor Relations Authority to make it easier for feds to decertify, under some circumstances, their own unions.

Senior Citizens League surveys mark inflation worries—amid glimmers of hope

Nathan Abse interviews Mary Johnson, a Social Security and COLA expert with TSCL, on the economic issues affecting retirees—led by high inflation—and passage of Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, cutting future medical costs for retirees.

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Biden WH unclear on RTO

The "return-to-office" process faces many federal agencies, as outlined in a recent report, with often strong forces pushing and pulling in opposite directions, on management and employees.

VA: 'Shocking' staff shortages

A union representing employees at the Department of Veterans affairs calls for reforms, pointing to survey results indicating a workforce stretched far too thin.

TSP slides again

All but one TSP fund slumped in value in August.

Feds mark Labor Day, union strength

Federal employee unions celebrated their rising popularity with the public and across agencies—and invited more feds to join as full members.

Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

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Expert: Threats to feds follow Mar-A-Lago search—but action was 'unavoidable'

Nathan Abse interviews Kenneth Warren on the implications for feds of the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago, as mandated in a warrant seeking the return of classified and other documents—and the intense backlash from former president Trump and his MAGA movement. Warren is a civil service expert and professor of public administration at Saint Louis University.

Burn pit aid: Feds salute PACT Act

After a grueling legislative fight in Congress, federal employees are welcoming passage of a law providing recognition and health coverage to those harmed by decades of a dangerous standard practice: burning waste amid service members stationed abroad.

FSC: Locality pay recs

Federal employee pay remains well behind that of their private-sector counterparts, according to the most recent analysis. The Federal Salary Council recently issued new compensation recommendations.

Abortion access: Fed group criticizes WH

A leading organization on protecting feds' reproductive and other rights is criticizing the Biden Administration for not doing enough for civil servants in the aftermath of the Dobbs decision.

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Expert: In W.Va. vs. EPA, SCOTUS curbs agencies—amid wider political landscape of “deep state” lies

Public policy expert Don Kettl discusses the parallel worlds of a Supreme Court curbing federal regulatory power and a popular world awash in (unfounded) "deep state" conspiracy theories—with both realms hostile to agency authority.

TSP: Keep it simple?

Our only occasionally curmudgeonly federal beat columnist joins some readers with a bone or two to pick with the "new and improved" TSP.