Employee Policy

‘We need your help’: Election officials ask Congress to better address harassment ahead of midterms

Women make up the overwhelming majority of the election workforce, and many are facing threats in the wake of lies spread about the integrity of the 2020 election.

New bill seeks to prevent Secret Service from withholding records from watchdog

“While I share the concerns of my colleagues about the actions of the current inspector general, it is also clear the Secret Service tried to impede the inspector general’s investigation into the events of Jan. 6,” said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.

Senate passes bill to root out conflicts of interest in federal contracting

The Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Federal Acquisition Act sets new disclosure requirements and expands authorities for federal contracting officers. 

HHS declares monkeypox a public health emergency

The move comes after weeks of pressure as the virus spread throughout the country. 

Appeals court again overrules Trump-era FLRA policy

Shortly before the 2020 election, labor authority Republicans unraveled decades of precedent, finding that agencies may begin implementing new governmentwide rules when union contracts are extended for the purposes of negotiating a new agreement. As of this week, all of these Trump-era moves have been reversed.

The state of women in federal law enforcement

Courtney Bublé joins colleagues on GovExec's podcast to discuss gender and policing.

These are the agencies federal employees are leaving at the highest rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

FEMA and CDC officials will lead federal monkeypox response

The Biden administration has not declared monkeypox a national public health emergency yet.

Senate Dems join push to block Schedule F

As Republican groups discuss plans to reinstitute the controversial plan to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections, congressional Democrats have renewed their efforts to block it.

'Independent state legislature doctrine' could end 200 years of progress, take power from the people

A doctrine embraced by some conservatives could be adopted by the Supreme Court. If they do, Americans’ political power will be dramatically limited.

A top Senate Democrat asks Defense watchdog to investigate more missing Jan. 6 texts

“I don’t know whether the failure to preserve these critical government texts from Jan. 6 is the result of bad faith, stunning incompetence, or outdated records management policies, but we must get to the bottom of it,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

Senators can't agree on agency funding levels

Republicans deride Democratic priorities in fiscal 2023 bills —with just two months until a shutdown. The lawmakers are failing to find agreement, even as Democrats hold back on some increases.

Securing the human side of elections

Alliance for Securing Democracy's David Levine joins our partner GovExec's podcast, and discusses a new report on deterring threats to election workers.

The problem with ignoring government performance information ...

Federal agencies’ quarterly performance updates, short- and long-term strategic plans, and annual performance reports deserve more attention.

'There needs to be a reckoning': Republicans introduce bill to make feds at-will employees

The legislation, along with recent talk of a renewed effort to implement Schedule F, makes clear that a “major assault” on the federal civil service is coming, regardless of who the next Republican presidential nominee will be.

USPS to slash 50,000 positions in coming years

The plan envisions relying solely on attrition. Meanwhile, USPS is delivering election ballots at a much faster clip.

IRS hiring surge, USPS electric vehicle funding and more in lawmakers' agreement

Many agencies would see a funding surge under an agreement struck last week by Democratic senators.