Employee Policy

These are the winners for the annual ‘Oscars of government service’ 

These awards are especially important “during these turbulent times when federal employees have been threatened and demonized,” nonprofit leader says.

Telework: FDIC is already reneging on new telework agreement, union says

NTEU says employees at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation were promised telework—with no need to return to the office regularly. But then, contrary to that pledge, managers made attendance at weekly check-in meetings mandatory.

A House panel advances legislation to protect feds during pandemics

The Chai Suthammanont Healthy Federal Workplaces Act proposes to require federal agencies to develop and publish workplace safety plans, to get ready for future pandemics.

IRS has funding to hire tens of thousands. Can it do it?

IRS hiring has been thrust into the spotlight, but augmenting the agency's workforce is still far from guaranteed.

Senators want to know how agencies are spending money to meet management goals

A new bipartisan bill would empower a central office to coordinate and track execution of the president's management agenda. Two senators, each from their separate side of the aisle, are digging into the issue.

OMB's 'learning agenda' looks to drive government innovation

The learning agenda, focused on the federal workforce, government service delivery and equity, is meant to spur research across government silos and spark innovation, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

Protecting the professional civil service

The Professional Managers Association's Chad Hooper joins our partner podcast to discuss the Preventing a Patronage System Act.

Treasury chief: IRS modernization is coming soon

Janet Yellen laid out workforce and modernization priorities for the IRS during remarks on Thursday as the IRS looks to spend the $80 billion infusion from Congress over the next decade.

Report unearths new concerns about DHS IG Cuffari’s past

A new investigative report explores some recently discovered potholes along the Department of Homeland Security IG's career path—questionable actions that occurred long before his failure to explain or rectify the disappearance of Jan. 6 2021 Secret Service texts.

Why aren't public servants taking vacations?

Our partner site's Frank Konkel does a podcast discussion on burnout and workforce issues.

Lawmakers want to know if the Biden administration needs more money to protect feds

Amid rising threats, Democrats ask if DHS is doing enough to ensure federal employees are safe.

Agencies probe AI's impact on the American workplace

The top official at the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs said that government contractors have an "especially important role to play" in ensuring that automated technology in the workplace doesn't discriminate against qualified job-seekers.

OPM: Here's how feds can help fight hunger and dietary diseases

The news on how you can be of assistance comes as part of a roundup of developments on pay and benefits news.

Lawmakers ask NARA to certify whether Trump returned all presidential records

A Congressional committee expressed concern that former President Donald Trump may still possess presidential records at non-secure locations.

Border agency deactivates regional Twitter account that promoted homophobic Tweet

The agency shut down the Twitter account for its West Texas regional office, saying “unauthorized and inappropriate content” was posted on the account last Saturday.

Federal government's office space plans, explained

Courtney Bublé joins our partner podcast to discuss a new GAO report on the impact of the pandemic and increased telework on federal agencies' future real estate plans.