Employee Policy

TSA screeners could receive 30% pay raise, on average

A bipartisan measure passed by the House would move the TSA's workforce under Title 5, promising full collective bargaining rights and other civil service protections enjoyed by most federal employees.

Remote work may actually be good for business

Working remotely doesn't negatively affect productivity—and it may actually even enhance both employee and company resiliency, a new study finds.

Why won’t more older Americans get their COVID booster?

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans 65 and older who completed their initial vaccination round still have not received a first booster shot. The numbers dismay researchers, who say the lag has cost tens of thousands of lives.

Former Operation Warp Speed official: 'Model' for public-private partnerships

On FederalSoup's partner site's daily podcast, Courtney Bublé talks to Paul Mango, formerly of Operation Warp Speed, about the vaccine development program.

That time EPA contractors built secret man caves in a warehouse

Workplace issue: When “vermin feces” is the second-biggest issue in your facility, you know you’ve got problems.

Appeals board rules that feds disclosing discrimination will get no whistleblower protections

Those employees must pursue a different path, though it is one that presents unique difficulties.

Senate bill to train acquisition workforce on AI gets House counterpart

The AI Training Act, which passed the Senate last December now has a House companion bill from Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and James Comer (R-Ky.).

Most VA employees say they were not emotionally supported during pandemic

With turnover at the agency soaring, the front-line staff were largely unaware of VA's offerings to support employee well-being, new survey finds.

EEOC union decries agency’s unilateral decision to return to office

The American Federation of Government Employees Council 216 has filed an unfair labor practice complaint, alleging the agency bypassed ongoing negotiations over the return to traditional work sites and engaging in “surface-level” bargaining.

A quick take on the president’s management priorities

The president's vision has now been filled out in more detail. Here are some thoughts. 

Podcast: Roe could be near its end. Can feds join protests?

Contributor Lindy Kyzer joins our partner site GovExec's daily show to discuss what the Hatch Act says about public political activity.

Senators, labor press for adding more ALJs to the SSA union

Democrats and labor advocates feel emboldened after the Biden administration encouraged agencies to search their ranks for misclassified workers.

Podcast: OPM chief wants to hire thousands

OPM Director Kiran Ahuja discusses her “call to service” to encourage people to apply for the more than 8,000 jobs with Erich Wagner.

Reversing Roe would harm military readiness, abortion-rights advocates warn

“If a woman is considering enlisting, I would highly encourage her to rethink that choice,” said one veteran.

State Dept. says it's rebuilding, but will fall short on some goals

After the department was "decimated" under the last administration, State is looking to fill vacancies and fix budget shortfalls.

Feds return to offices, boost local economies

Local news stories across the country are noting the healthy economic effects of the growing number of feds who are again working—at least part of the time—at the office.