What are the main withdrawal options?
Single Payment—You can withdraw your account balance in a single payment, with part or all of it transferred to an individual retirement account or other eligible plan.

Series of Monthly Payments—You can withdraw your account in a series of substantially equal monthly payments. You can choose monthly payments computed by the TSP based on an IRS life expectancy table or a specific dollar amount per month. In the first option, your initial payment amount is based on your account balance at the time of the first payment and your age.

Annuity—Annuities are paid by a company under contract with the TSP. If you have both traditional and Roth balances, you must purchase an annuity with each, having the same options, and they will be treated differently for tax purposes.

You can combine these choices. In addition, you can make a one-time partial withdrawal in one of these forms while leaving the remainder in your account, unless you made an in-service age-based withdrawal.

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