If I am re-employed, what happens to my TSP account?
If you began receiving monthly payments from the TSP after you separated, those payments will stop; annuity payments will continue despite your rehire.

If your break in service was 31 or more full calendar days, you are eligible, but not required, to withdraw the portion of your account that is attributable to your previous employment. You will fall under the TSP’s default investment policies unless you elect different amounts and different investment funds.

If your break in service was less than 31 full calendar days, you are not eligible to withdraw your account.

If you were making investments when you separated, the same investments should restart automatically when you are rehired. If you are a FERS participant, your agency should start making its automatic (1 percent) contributions immediately and its matching contributions as soon as you make personal investments. If your agency’s contributions or your own investments do not resume, contact the agency’s personnel office.

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