Is there any way to collect both a full annuity and a full salary?
Yes, but these situations are exceptions, and therefore fairly rare.

Agencies may make “limited time” appointments if the agency head determines that the employment of the annuitant is necessary for certain reasons. These appointments typically last no more than one year and have restrictions on how many hours of work are allowed.

Agencies similarly may make “exceptional needs” appointments due to emergency or severe recruiting or retention needs, or other unique circumstances.

In addition, there are specific authorities applying at some agencies, most notably the Defense Department, the FBI and the intelligence community, and in some occupations. Each has its own set of standards. Check with the employing agency to see if any of those exceptions would apply.

Note: In general, persons who draw both a full salary and a full annuity do not have retirement contributions withheld from their pay and the time does not count toward a supplemental or redetermined annuity, nor may they make new investments in the Thrift Savings Plan.

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