What are the eligibility rules for disability retirement under CSRS?
You may be eligible for disability retirement if you have completed at least five years of service and are deemed totally disabled for useful and efficient service—that is, no longer able to successfully perform the critical or essential elements of the position (or other vacant positions at the same grade or pay level for which you would be qualified) even if you might be able to hold some other job. In addition: the disability must be expected to last at least one year; and your agency must certify that it is unable to accommodate your disabling medical condition in your present position and that it has considered you for any vacant position in the same agency, at the same grade or pay level, and within the same commuting area, for which you are qualified for reassignment.

This definition of disability is different than that used by Social Security.

An application for disability retirement must be filed before separation from service or within one year after

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