What pay caps apply to federal employees?
The cap most commonly applying limits annual General Schedule pay, including locality pay, to Level IV of the Executive Schedule.

General Schedule employees and certain other employees may receive certain types of premium pay for a biweekly pay period only to the extent that the sum of basic pay and premium pay for the pay period does not exceed the greater of the biweekly rate payable for GS-15, step 10 (including any applicable locality payment or special rate supplement), or the rate payable for Level V of the Executive Schedule.

In addition, there is a limit on total annual compensation for most federal employees—the aggregate of basic pay, allowances, differentials, bonuses, awards, or other similar cash payments—at the Level I rate of the Executive Schedule. There is a higher limit, at the salary rate of the Vice President, for members of the Senior Executive Service and employees in Senior Level or Senior Scientific or Technical positions if the agency’s performance evaluation system meets certain standards.

There are exceptions for certain law enforcement, emergency and danger zone assignment purposes.

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