What is “administratively uncontrollable” overtime?

“Administratively uncontrollable overtime” can be paid in a job that unpredictably requires substantial amounts of irregular or occasional overtime, and in which the employees generally are responsible for recognizing, without supervision, circumstances that require them to remain on duty. General Schedule employees, other than certain criminal investigators, may be granted AUO premium pay on an annual basis if their job requires substantial amounts of irregular or occasional overtime work that cannot be controlled administratively. AUO premium payments are set as a percentage of an employee’s basic pay, but cannot be less than 10 percent or more than 25 percent, based on the average number of hours of irregular or occasional overtime work performed per week.

Note: Under Public Law 113-277 of 2014, entitlement to AUO pay will end for Border Patrol agents, who make up the majority of those under this program. They instead will be allowed to choose a biweekly work schedule of 80 hours, 90 hours with a 12.5 increase in pay, or 100 hours with a 25 percent increase in pay. Hours worked in excess of the schedule will be reimbursed in the form of compensatory time off that could not be converted to cash. This change is to take effect after implementing rules are finalized. In the meantime, the agency has ended eligibility in certain positions.

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