Can a divorce order require division of my Thrift Savings Plan Account?
Yes. To be honored, though, an order must expressly relate to the TSP. This means that it must specifically contain the name “Thrift Savings Plan.” Terms such as “all retirement benefits,” “government benefits,” “federal retirement benefits,” “thrift savings,” or “thrift savings account” are not adequate.

If it requires a payment from a TSP account, it must clearly describe the payee’s entitlement. For example, it can award a specified dollar amount or a fraction or a percentage of the participant’s account as of a specific date. If the court order describes the payee’s entitlement by using a formula, all of the variables in the formula must be included in the court order or be available from TSP records.

In addition, a court order can be used to prevent a participant from withdrawing his or her TSP account during a divorce action.

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