Can a court order in a divorce provide for a survivor benefit for my former spouse on my death?
Yes, assuming you had at least 18 months of creditable civilian service. A former spouse’s survivor annuity continues for life unless entitlement is lost due to the individual’s remarriage before age 55 or under terms of the court order.

Note that if you remarry and wish to provide a survivor benefit for your current spouse, the maximum possible combined totals of all current and former spouse survivor annuities are 55 percent of the self-only annuity amount payable under the Civil Service Retirement System or 50 percent of the amount payable under the Federal Employees Retirement System. Thus, a court order awarding a survivor annuity to a former spouse reduces the amount that can be paid to your current spouse at the time of your death. You may be able to provide additional survivor benefits to a current spouse in this situation through an insurable interest annuity.

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