Apart from severe weather, what changes can an agency make to work schedules for emergency reasons?
The government may change its operating status due to a natural or man-made event (such as a terror incident) or for other reasons, such as localized flooding or power outages.

In the event of severe hazardous conditions, disruption of public services, or other emergency situations of short duration, employees may be instructed not to report for work or agencies may change employees’ work schedules.

An agency further may grant excused absence to employees who are prevented from reporting for work because of emergency conditions or to employees who experience unanticipated short-term commuting delays due to security measures, congested roads, disruption of power and/or water, interruption of public transportation, or other reasons.

Note: In all cases, employees designated as emergency employees are expected to report for work on time or remain at their worksite unless otherwise instructed. An agency may grant excused absence to an emergency employee unable to report for work due to hardship or circumstances unique to the employee.
Similarly, in the case of a pandemic flu outbreak, agencies may employ policies such as expanded telework, flexible and compressed work schedules and leave flexibilities. For example, an agency may make a temporary exception to the requirement that a telework employee must report at least once a week on a regular and recurring basis to the regular worksite. In limited circumstances, an agency may designate an employee’s residence (or an alternative location mutually agreeable to the agency and the employee) as a safe haven and provide evacuation payments.

In the event of a prolonged shutdown due to severe or hazardous conditions, disruption of public services, or other emergency situations, an agency may find it necessary to furlough non-emergency employees. Such an action places an employee in a non-duty, non-pay status for the duration of the furlough.

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