If I’m RIF’d, what kind of job placement assistance would I get?
Each agency must also maintain a Re-Employment Priority List (RPL) for each local commuting area where it separates employees by RIF. Employees can register for their agency’s RPL as soon as they receive a RIF separation notice. Before the agency can select a candidate outside its workforce, it must first check the RPL for that location. With a few exceptions, the agency must select a qualified employee from the RPL before hiring anyone from outside the agency. (Note: The Defense Department offers a parallel program for its employees called the Priority Placement Program.)

In addition, in the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan, displaced employees apply for positions in the local commuting area and in which an eligible, well-qualified employee gets selection priority over almost any other applicant from outside the hiring agency.

Other career transition services might include skills assessment, resume preparation, counseling, and outside job search assistance.

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