Would my insurance continue after I am RIF’d?
Assuming you are not eligible for an immediate annuity (in which case your benefits would continue under normal rules for carrying coverage into retirement):

Federal Employees Health Benefits insurance would continue for 31 days at no charge. You could continue coverage for an additional 18 months by paying both the employee and employer share of the premiums, plus 2 percent for administrative costs. Note: The Defense Department continues to pay the employer share of FEHB premiums, plus the administrative charge, for 18 months on behalf of its employees separated by RIF.

Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance program coverage would continue for 31 days at no charge. You could then convert all or part of it to an individual policy without having to take a medical examination. You would pay the entire cost of the conversion policy.
Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program enrollees can remain enrolled by continuing to pay the premiums.

Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program coverage ends unless you are otherwise eligible, for example as a family member of someone who remains covered.

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