Do I get a say in the standards used to evaluate my performance?

The regulations under which agencies design their own performance management systems and programs provide for the individual to have input into: planning work and setting expectations and goals; monitoring progress and performance continually; developing an employee’s ability to perform; rating periodically to summarize performance; and rewarding performance.


A January 12, 2016 memo to agencies (at told supervisors to: engage employees in all stages and aspects of the performance management process; conduct briefings early in the performance cycle to remind employees of the procedures, stakeholders and responsibilities included in the agency’s performance management program; use well-developed performance plans to let employees know what they need to accomplish and the standards that will be used to evaluate their performance; hold frequent, informal feedback sessions to appraise performance; discuss changing organizational missions, goals or priorities; and examine progress toward meeting those goals and priorities; provide frequent, timely, continuous touch-point discussions regarding progress toward goals; and provide feedback to empower employees by relating what they do to the overall mission.


Separately, unions have the right to negotiate procedures under which bargaining unit employees are consulted.

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