What types of conflict of interest polices apply to federal employees?
In general, federal employees may not:

• have outside employment or be involved in an outside activity that conflicts with the official duties of your position;
• participate in any particular government matter that will affect the financial interests of a person or entity with whom you are seeking employment;
• participate personally and substantially in particular matters that have a direct and predictable effect on the employee’s financial interest, and the financial interest of any outside employer; or
• participate personally and substantially in a particular government matter that will affect your own financial interests, as well as the financial interests of: your spouse or minor child; a general partner; an organization in which you serve as an officer, director, trustee, general partner or employee; or a person with whom you are negotiating for or have an arrangement concerning prospective employment.

There are various exceptions and special considerations under all these policies. For details, see Chapter 10, Section 5 of the Federal Employees Almanac.

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