If I take another federal job, do I have to serve a new probationary period?
Generally, only if you are moving into a managerial or supervisory position. Most agencies use a one-year probationary period for such positions. Individual agencies may set the length of the probationary period, so long as it is of reasonable fixed duration, appropriate to the position, and uniformly applied. Also, the period is not to be used to assess technical ability or program knowledge not directly related to supervisory or managerial performance.

Managerial and supervisory probation are distinct; an agency may require a managerial probationary period even for someone who has successfully completed supervisory probation. But employees who complete a supervisory/managerial probationary period may not be required to serve another such probationary period regardless of the number of agencies, occupations, or positions in which they serve.

If the employee does not complete the period satisfactorily, the agency may remove the employee from that position and return the employee to a position of no lower grade and pay than the previous position.

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